Health & Family Welfare Foundation RUTA- 1882 (Govt. of India)

Goal of The Organization

    Education and Health care are two fields that have been seen tremendous advancement in the recent past. The demand for professionally trained personnel in the large and growing field of paramedical sciences has transcended geographically boundaries , with countries like USA turning to India for qualified people.

    India also is witnessing a growing demand for trained allied health professionals with hospitals and nursing homes looking towards college to provide them with the necessary personnel. Employment opportunities are therefore available in plenty. What is needed is to make concerted efforts to provide paramedical graduates with the required trainings to take on the challenging world that is health care.

    It is with this back ground that the Health & Family Welfare Foundation has developed allied health programmes that combine paramedical education with a basic knowledge and training. These programme aims at developing competence and provide students with facilities for continued learning.

    The objective is to use education as a means of social development and most importantly to be prepared for the challenges of a global economy.